Am I an alcoholic? Sharing my journey from fear and worry to happiness and freedom

Mar 16, 2022
Person holding a glass of wine

 Recognizing alcohol is a problem

“Am I an alcoholic”? Oh my God, I googled that so many times. Of course, part of me was hoping that Dr Google would tell me I had nothing to worry about, but the very fact that I was asking the question meant that I knew, deep down, I had a problem.

My subconscious was saying ‘Mmm, we need to do something about this.’  And I’m so pleased that I did, as it led me to finding true freedom. Sorry if that sounds a bit woo-woo, but changing my relationship with alcohol truly did change my life in ways I could never have imagined.

Finding a way to change your relationship with alcohol

I didn’t crack it straight away. I explored Alcoholics Anonymous (a great organization but somehow it wasn’t right for me), and then the Alan Carr method, which ‘worked’ until I ran into some difficulties in my life, and realized that I hadn’t changed my underlying beliefs about alcohol. I then discovered This Naked Mind (TNM), which is a book by Annie Grace, and now an entire organization.

Helping others overcome their alcohol dependencies

Having been inspired by the book, I did a TNM course, went to a conference and then undertook the training to become a certified TNM coach. My initial plan was to coach part time alongside my day job as a strategic planner in an advertising agency. But I found the coaching so rewarding and worthwhile that I resigned from my job in order to coach full time. I don’t regret my ‘false starts’ because I learned a lot from them, and I apply this learning with my clients now.

Is this you?

But back to the bad old days when I used to sit at my desk, nursing a hangover and a cup of strong coffee pretending outwardly everything was fine, but asking Google if I was an alcoholic even though I already knew the answer.  Also, I hate the term ‘alcoholic’ and tend not to use it (but that is a story for another day). 

If you're asking the question, you probably know the answer

If you're doing the same as I used to, and frequently wish you had a different relationship with alcohol then let me leave you with this question. If you are worried enough to be reading this, then don’t you owe it to yourself to investigate how you could regain control over alcohol?

Click here to book a Discovery Call to discuss how you can put yourself in control and find freedom and happiness. As a certified This Naked Mind coach, I can show you how to reframe the beliefs about alcohol that have kept you stuck. No shame. No blame. No white-knuckle rides. Just the joyful life you deserve.


If you have got this far, chances are that you are concerned that you may have a problem with alcohol. Let's talk - you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain!



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