Why can't I drink alcohol 'normally'?

Jun 10, 2022

Why can’t I drink alcohol ‘normally’?


When I am coaching people, they will often tell me that their objective is to be able to drink ‘normally’.


What is normal drinking? Is there any such thing?  

Normality is a relative thing – it depends...

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Was my lockdown drinking normal?

Apr 20, 2022


 “My drinking increased during the pandemic, and I am struggling to get it back under control”

In the two years since Covid turned our world upside down, I have coached so many people whose drinking increased during the pandemic and who are now struggling to reverse that. If...

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Am I an alcoholic? Sharing my journey from fear and worry to happiness and freedom

Mar 16, 2022

 Recognizing alcohol is a problem

“Am I an alcoholic”? Oh my God, I googled that so many times. Of course, part of me was hoping that Dr Google would tell me I had nothing to worry about, but the very fact that I was asking the question meant that I knew, deep down, I had a problem.


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