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The Reset Retreat

26th February - 4th March 2023


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Put alcohol behind you, and explore what you really want from life.

Join us for this intimate women-only Reset Retreat in one of the most beautiful and inspiring places in England, for five full days (six nights) of expert coaching and inspiring self-care experiences, led by experts. Designed as a complete reset for you, physically, mentally and emotionally. There is even the option to stay on for an extra day and night after the retreat ends, so you can leave feeling truly recharged.


Click here to hear Tabbin talk about the retreat and how you will feel at the end of it.

This retreat is designed to let you focus on YOU, whilst enjoying an Alcohol-Free vacation with like-minded women

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Stunning Location

The Reset Retreat will take place at Prince Hall – a beautiful Georgian manor house in the heart of Dartmoor National Park, and we will take over the whole property for the duration of the retreat, with access to its gardens, sauna, hot-tub, woodland meditation area and stunning moorland views. All rooms are en-suite and the whole property is super-comfortable, with squishy sofas and cushions aplenty.

You may arrive feeling stressed and harried, but you can not help but relax and unwind here, and you will leave feeling truly peaceful. 

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Delicious Healthy Food

You are what you eat. All meals will be prepared by Sal Dhalla, ‘The Food Witch’. She is a renowned intuitive chef, with a book and TV appearances to her name. Her food is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach, and she will serve us with delicious vegetarian meals throughout the retreat, and will also be doing a demonstration in Prince Hall’s fabulous kitchen, so that you can go home with the ability to reproduce some of her culinary masterpieces.

Sal will happily accommodate any dietary requirements (we will discuss this with you when you book.) Your body will thank you for nourishing it properly! 

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Coaching around Alcohol

The coaching on alcohol will be the ‘main event’ of this retreat, with the aim of putting alcohol firmly and permanently behind us as well as on creating a life that you don’t want to escape from.

The coaching will be based on This Naked Mind’s successful method, and each day there will be three to four hours of group coaching around alcohol and self-compassion. This will be highly interactive and may involve working in pairs as well as with the whole group.

During the course of the retreat, each delegate will also receive two hours of one-on-one coaching around alcohol.

Your coaches will be Tabbin Almond and Anna Donaghey. Tabbin is a Certified Senior Coach with This Naked Mind and a Certified Gray Area Drinking Coach, and Anna is a Certified Coach with This Naked Mind. Both Tabbin and Anna struggled with alcohol themselves and went through programmes with This Naked Mind to become alcohol free, before undertaking the training to become certified coaches. They know each other well, having worked together for a decade in their previous lives in advertising. They both held senior positions and have first hand experience of the shame and anxiety that accompanies trying to hide the reality of having a problem with alcohol. Crucially, they can also both vouch for the wonders of a life lived alcohol-free! 

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Daily Exploration of Self-Care Practices

Self-care means looking after ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally. And that can be difficult with all the stress of day-to-day life.  

Each day during the retreat, you will experience a different aspect of self-care, led by an expert in the field. These sessions will help you discover the benefits of the practice, show you how to do it, and give you practical tips for how to incorporate the practice into your daily life.

You will be inspired by experts in:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Nature - Walking on Dartmoor, taking in Bronze Age monuments
  • Nutrition – demonstration from our chef
  • Creative writing and journalling.

What people have said about Tabbin and Anna 


“In my mind I was ready to stop drinking, but it wasn’t happening. Tabbin helped me to get going and get through the all-important first month. I felt very nurtured, and that I was being heard. It is so rare for someone to genuinely ask how you are and really listen to the answer - that is such a good feeling. I can’t see myself going back to drinking, but if I felt I might, I know that I could contact Tabbin and she would have my back .”


- Gina (Australia)

"Anna has a pragmatic and empathic approach to coaching, and she manages to weave some humour in there too which helps when tackling some heavy and deep topics at times! She has such a lot of knowledge, and practical and emotional ways of helping which I have found so useful. I would highly recommend working with Anna if you want to lookat your relationship with alcohol. She is an excellent coach who will put you at ease, and you will definitely feel ess alone being able to talk to someone who has her own jounrey with alcohol. Anna is a star and I cannot thank her enough for all her help. "


- Tracy B

"In out coaching sessions, Anna was able to help me see the things that were holding me back. I became aware of how I was thinking, and Anna helped me challenge my negative thoughts to create more productive outcomes. I felt at ease with Anna and loved that she took the time to listen, without judgement, and point out the areas where I was stuck. It was great that Anna shared so much of her story too, which made me feel like I wasn't alone and that achieveing my goals was possible."


- John L

"Working with Tabbin has been a very positive experience. I have appreciated how freely she shares from her past personal relationships and professional experiences, and how she currently uses various strategies to remain joyfully AF. I appreciate her compassion, but also her challenging nature, which I believe builds confidence and offers the "nudge" that I will continue to need moving forward on my path. I have appreciated the small "assignments" we discuss and agree upon ... giving me concrete steps through short readings, activities, acts of self-care, and boundary setting. I look forward to continuing this work with her "in my corner"! "


- Lynne (USA)

Overview of the Reset Retreat Program

  • Tabbin will lead a morning walk for anyone who would like to join her
  • Breakfast
  • Group Coaching
  • Coffee break
  • Group Coaching 
  • Lunch
  • Rest period
  • Inspiring Experiences
  • Tea break
  • Group Coaching 
  • Dinner
  • 1:1 coaching 

Healthy Nutrition Talk with Chef Sal

Healthy Nutrition talk and demonstration by our chef, Sal. She will focus on new ways to improve your wellbeing and apply principles of self care to your daily life in a practical way. Her session will reconnect you to the joy of cooking and eating, liberate you from kitchen-related terror through simple intuitive cooking, and teach you how to have a better relationship with yourself (as well as food) in the process.



Creative Writing and Journalling with Sally Page

Everyone has a story to tell and it is through our stories that we make sense of the world around us. Sally Page, author of the bestselling novel, The Keeper of Stories, will explore how journaling and unleashing creativity can help remove blockages within the subconscious, enabling us to make sense of our lives and the challenges we face. Sally will share her own experiences with you and introduce you to some practical exercises that can form part an on-going programme. And it is never too late to start – Sally’s debut novel was released when she had just turned sixty.  

Guided walk on Dartmoor with 

'Dartmoor's Daughter', Emma Cunis

Guided walk on Dartmoor, led by 'Dartmoor's Daughter', Emma Cunis who will take us to the glorious Bronze Age Stone Rows at Merrivale, and explain their significance. Emma grew up on Dartmoor and knows it intimately. Her walks are designed to offer an immersive experience that invite you/us into a deeper (re)connection with our bodies, communities, and with the land itself so that we can be happier, healthier, and inspired to care for our natural world. 

Meditation and Yoga, led by 

Roger Ash-Wheeler

Roger has been engaged in Buddhist practice since 1974, when he was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. He spent 4 years at the Insight Meditation Society in Massachussetts practising vipassana meditation under the guidance of Joseph Goldstein, Jack Kornfield and Sharon Salzberg. He has taught yoga and meditation at Gaia House, and for 20 years ran the Barefoot Barn in Chagford on Dartmoor, inviting yoga teachers from around the world to lead workshops and retreats. He continues to facilitate a mediation group and a yoga class at the Barn. He is also a trained homeopath, as well as being an incredibly grounded and inspiring teacher.

Breathwork with Jess Holliday

Jess Holliday is a Mind-Body-Soul Wellness Practioner & Spiritual Psychology Coach. Her mission is to reveal and release the power of the human spirit and restore personal power.

She will be sharing her extensive knowledge and experience of breathwork in two potent sessions:

In the morning she will teach you how you can change your life by changing your breath, as well as sharing simple, easy-to-use take-home techniques for managing your stress, reducing anxiety and improving sleep.  

In the afternoon she will take you on a journey from feeling disempowered to blissful, empowered and in control of your life, by combining dynamic breathwork with electronic music in a Psychedelic Breath® class.  

Daily Walks with Tabbin

Tabbin will lead a morning walk for anyone who would like to join her. These walks will give you the chance to tune into nature first thing in the morning, to meditate and to practice gratitude. 

Dartmoor is a spectacular place, designated one of England's six National Parks. All across Dartmoor you will see granite boulders and granite outcrops (known as 'tors') on top of hills. The rocks on the ground are often used for building walls, as is the case at the now-deserted Teign Head Farm, where this photo was taken.  You will see wild ponies, as well as sheep and cattle all across the moor.  

Tabbin was brought up on Dartmoor and has a deep love of this wild and beautiful place.  

Is this women-only retreat for you? 

  • This is for you if you’ve been successful in various aspects of life (career, family, relationships), but have struggled in your relationship with alcohol. You may already be alcohol free. And you will certainly have managed periods alcohol free, and sometimes found it easy, whilst at other times it felt like something of a white-knuckle ride.
  • We will ask all attendees to commit to being completely alcohol free for the duration of the retreat, and so this retreat is not for you if you are drinking daily and would find it difficult or near-impossible to stop for a week.
  • You’ll likely feel a sense of ‘what more do I want from life?’ And you may well have a degree of frustration. You’ve read (or at least bought) a stack of self-help books and you ‘know the things’, like the benefits of yoga and meditation, journaling and walking in nature, but you struggle to actually incorporate them into your life.
  • You'd love to feel truly at ease with yourself, liberated from anxiety about your drinking and about whether you are 'good enough'.
I'm in!

This is designed be a small, intimate and intensive retreat

  • Maximum of 10-12 people 
  • Stunning venue in one of the most beautiful places in the UK
  • 2 certified This Naked Mind Coaches, skilled in group coaching and ensuring that the needs of all delegates are met
  • Group coaching on alcohol and self-compassion - over 20 hours of group coaching
  • 2 hours of 1:1 coaching for each delegate
  • Inspiring experiences delivered by experts in vegetarian cooking, creative writing and journalling, walking and appreciating nature, meditation and yoga and breath work
  • Daily morning walks for those who are interested
  • Opportunity to stay on an extra night after the end of the retreat, to soak up the beauty and peace of the location
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"I have recently landed what feels like my dream job, and my partner and I are relocating to an area of the country that we absolutely love. This feels like such a positive new chapter, and I really don’t think I could’ve done it without all Tabbin’s help and support. I am extremely grateful."


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Anna is a brilliant coach.  Her ability to help you get to the "heart" of the issue which is often lying somewhere deep in your subscious is excellent. Her active listening, empathy and pertimnent questions support you to unlock a place of hope, changing thought patterns, beliefs and ultimately behaviours. 



Pricing Options

Early bird pricing shown  - these prices will increase on 31st January 2023



Early Bird Pricing

  • Private Room
  • All meals included
  • Daily Group Coaching
  • 1-1 Coaching
  • Daily workshops and experiences
  • Daily morning walks



Early Bird Pricing

  • Shared accommodation
  • All meals included
  • Daily Group Coaching
  • 1-1 Coaching
  • Daily workshops and experiences
  • Daily morning walks

Additional nights accommodation

Saturday 4th March = £150

Add on at Checkout

(NB Meals are not included in this cost)

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